We’re glad to offer you a look into our workshop and sites! From here you can see some of the hard work and time that goes into making our beautiful bespoke frames. If you’ve been inspired by this blog please see our “Contact Us” Page.

28th July – 20 October

Its been an incredible busy few weeks here at Norton Timber. Since we last wrote a blog we have done a lot so lets start with the sling braces we

11th June – 28th July

Over the past few weeks the team have been very busy. The house is now fully insulated on the outside with all the battens timber fixed to the house. The

4 Weeks since we started

It has been 4 weeks since we raised the frame and it been going great. This week we have been working on getting the building wrapped in preparation for insulation.

The beginning of 2021

Now that you’re up to date with what we have been doing over the past 2 years. Lets tell you what we have been doing in the first 5 months

An Interesting Year

Returning to work after lockdown was an interesting experience. Everything had to change from the way we worked to the way we had our breaks. We were given our own

2020 What a year

The beginning of 2020 we were finishing off the last house and preparing to start our next house build. The news of covid-19 had broke over here in the UK

Let catch up…

It has been a while since we have posted a blog so lets bring you up to date. Last time we posted was back in November 2018 while we were

2018 Update 28 – 19/10/18 – 16/11/18 – Norton Timber

Update 28 – 19/10/18 – 16/11/18 Barham Barham has been coming along very well recently! Last time you saw this project we were waiting to the chimney to be finished and

2018 Week 26 Update – 13/9/18 – 5/10/18 – Norton Timber

Barham When we last shared the progress  of this build the roofers were about to commence the tiling of the M profile valley roof. As you can see the team

2018 Week 25 Update – 22/8/18 – 13/9/18 – Norton Timber

Barham The last time we gave an update on this frame the team were part way through raising the roof. After the roof had been completed the lads started to

2018 Week 24 Update – 10/8/18 – 22/8/18 – Norton Timber

Week 24 Update Barham On our way in today we stopped by our Barham job to catch up with two of the guys on site and see whats happened in

2018 week 20-23 Update – 20/7/18 – 10/8/18 – Norton Timber

… And we’re back! Apologies for our lack of communication as of late, but the regular weekly updates will now resume! Barham At long last we’re finally able to show

2018 week 19 Update – 13/7/18 – 20/7/18 – Norton Timber

Bromley As the heat continues, our boys have had a busy week. One of the big things we got up to was our trip to Bromley to raise the frame

2018 week 18 Update – 2/7/18 – 13/7/18 – Norton Timber

Bromley A few weeks ago we built an oak roof for an extension in London. Due to difficulties regarding sand blasting in the area, we’ve adopted a new approach… Where

2018 week 17 Update – 20/6/18 – 2/7/18 – Norton Timber

2018 week 17 Update – 20/6/18 – 2/7/18 – Norton Timber Barham As you saw in our last update, our team has started production on the frame for the Barham

2018 week 16 Update – 5/6/18 – 19/6/18 – Norton Timber

2018 week 16 Update – 5/6/18 – 19/6/18   Barham   We’ve been going through our jobs list and ticking off tasks for our Braham project over the past few

2018 week 15(…ish) Update – 5/6/18 – Norton Timber

New Frame Update! Barham We know it’s been a little while since we updated you all with how we have been doing, but… At long last we’re finally setting out

2018 Week 14 Update – 4/5/18 – 11/5/18 – Norton Timber

Plaster It On! Workshop Two After months of being left with the raw materials as the frontage of our new workshop, we’re finally having it plastered! And yes, while it

2018 Week 13 Update – 27/4/18 – 4/5/18 – Norton Timber

All In A Days Work! Elmsted Last week we said that we would be raising a three bay cart shed in Elmsted just outside of Ashford. Well as  promised, it

2018 Week 12 Update – 20/4/18 – 27/4/18 – Norton Timber

2018 Week 12 Update – 13/4/18 – 20/4/18 – Norton Timber

Hot One Today Huh? The weather this week has certainly been a big improvement on the anything else we’ve experienced this year. At the yard temperatures got as high as

2018 Week 11 Update – 3/4/18 – 13/4/18 – Norton Timber

Shepherdswell Work Continues   The team has continued work this week at out Shepherdswell site. They’ve wrapped the house with a vapour control layer and put tile batons on the

2018 Week 10 Update – 23/3/18 – 3/4/18 – Norton Timber

Three Bay Cart Shed   This week the team finished off a frame that we’ve been working on in the workshop recently. It’s a three bay cart shed destined for

2018 Week 9 Update – 16/3/18 – 23/3/18 – Norton Timber

Double Gable End Raise. As you could probably tell from last weeks blog post, we’ve had a busy couple of weeks. What with  our Shepherdswell frame being raised and being

2018 Week 8 Update 23/2/2018 – 2/3/2018 – Norton Timber

Snow Rest For The Wicked Hi everybody! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since our last post in-between myself being on holiday and raising a frame last week, there hasn’t

2018 Week 7 Update – 16/2/2018 – 23/2/2018 – Norton Timber

At last we’ve got a camera again You can see exactly how the work this week has progressed! This Frame is coming along very well indeed! What do you think!?

2018 Week 6 Update – 9/2/2018 – Norton Timber

Back To It! As promised, here is our start on the new frames for you. We received delivery of the wood on Monday, and have since been badgering away with

2018 Week 5 update – 2/2/2018 – 9/2/2018 – Norton Timber

  An Alarming Situation at Norton Timber Still reeling for our break in two weeks ago, we decided to upgrade our security system to future proof both workshops and the

2018 Week 4 Update – 26/01/18 – Norton Timber

Scrubbing up! After Last week’s blow to our resources and morale, We’ve kept ourselves busy while we find our selves in a short gap between the last and next job.

An overview of this week: 19/1/18 – 26/1/18

An overview of this week: 19/01/18 – 26/01/18 On Monday our team arrived to find that over the weekend on Friday or Saturday night, our work shop had been broken

Workshop Two! Update 5/1/2018

We’re Back! Here’s an update of Workshop two! We’ve all come back well rested from our Christmas break! We’re cracking on with getting the second workshop fully completed. Here’s a

Workshop two update! – 15/12/2017 – Norton Timber

Workshop two update! – 15/12/2017 – Norton Timber While we’ve been getting on with producing the prefabricated internal walls for our Shepherdswell build, the work on workshop two has continued.

Barn Roof Conversion – 5/12/17

Barn Roof Conversion If you saw last week’s update we had been putting together a 25M roof conversion, which this week we took to site and raised! Here you can

Variety update! 1/12/2017

Well as you saw for our last blog post- ( – We have had a busy few weeks. What with finishing off the frame element for the Shepheardswell project and

Shepherdswell – Pt 3

Over the past few weeks, our posts have been a little sporadic and in between projects. However, we’re now starting to settle down and primarily focus on our Shepherdswell project. So far

Hammer Beam Update – 20/10/2017

Hammer Beam Update – 20/10/2017 It’s been over a year since we completed the double hammer beam that we had out in the yard. if you didn’t see it, here’s

Shepherdswell – Pt 2

After last week’s demolition excitement​ our guys got back into the workshop to carry on with our newest project. If you missed the first update about this, here’s a link

Old Workshop Demolition

As seen last week, we cleared out our old lean-too workshop in preparation for demolition. Well, after the weekend we came back and took it apart bit by bit and

Workshop Two Work continues Pt.1

Workshop Two Work continues Pt.1 If you saw our post earlier this week, you’ll know we recently started working on our new additional workshop! If you haven’t already seen it

Shepheards Well – Pt. One

Shepherdswell Well – Pt. One Last week we received a delivery of wood for our newest project, and this week we’ve made a start (along with starting preparations for the new

St. Margarets – Update – 25/09/2017

St. Margarets – Update If you remember a few weeks ago we shared a few pictures of our guys working on the porch for St. Margarets and it’s sunroom, and

Workshop Two Commences!

Workshop Two Commences! After months and months of preparation and planning our second workshop, we’re very excited to tell you all that the frame has now arrived along with the

Norton Timber at The Carpenter’s Fellowship’s Frame Event

Norton Timber at The Carpenter’s Fellowship’s Frame Event This weekend our boys have been out to Cardiff to attend the Carpenter’s Fellowship‘s annual Frame event. They’ve since come back raving

St. Margaret’s Porch – 01/09/2017 – Norton Timber

St. Margaret’s Porch If you remember last week we were working on the sun room for our St. Margaret’s build, if not… Here’s the link: But this week, the

St. Margaret’s Sun Room build 18/08/17

St. Margaret’s Sun Room build 18/08/17 We’ve recently been working on the external frame additions for one of our latest projects. This week was spent building the sun room frame

St. Margaret’s Update 4/8/17

St. Margaret’s Update 4/8/17 As our Instagram suggested, we’ve been working hard with our St. Margaret’s frame. Since we last shared its progress our team has been chipping away at

St. Margaret’s Frame Raise 23/6/17

Finally after months and months of preparation we’ve been able to construct the St. Margaret’s frame that we’ve shared so much with you! we put the frame back to gather

Retrospective – Gable Build Reams Cottage –  9/6/17

If you have followed our past builds, you’ll know that we’ve previously work on the Reams Cottage project, and this week we’ve been working on a few smaller frames to

St. Margaret’s Floor Joists 2/6/17

St. Margaret’s Floor Joists As stated in last week’s post, we finished off the workshop part of the St. Margaret’s build by fitting the floor joist that will run all

St Margaret’s Build update – 22/5/17

Once again we’ve been working on the St. Margarets build this week. above you can see that we’ve mainly been working on the wall structures this week and now that

Annex/Sun Room Update 10/5/17

Lantern roof raise Last Wednesday we made our way down to Westmarsh to finish off the roof on one of our recent projects: Annex/Sun room. We’re very glad to see how

Three Bed Cottage – St. Margaret’s 5/5/17

Three Bed Cottage – St. Margaret’s 5/5/17 Further works on the St. Margaret’s cottage frame, here we can see the team working on producing the front wall of the structure

Reams Cottage Update 5/5/17

Reams Cottage Update 5/5/17 The last time you will have seen Reams Cottage, we had just put the frame together on site. Since then work has continued non stop. we

Three Bed Cottage – St. Margaret’s 28/4/17

Three Bed Cottage 28/4/17   We’ve been working on a new project this week, sadly the camera died halfway through the recording but we were able to get some good

Cottage Update 24/3/17 On Site Assembly

Cottage Update 24/3/17 If you’ve been following our blog as of late you will have seen that our efforts have been going into this project. But now we’re happy to

Annex/Sun Room update – 10/4/17

Annex/Sun Room Update Since we put up the most recent frame we’ve been working on this new project! It’s a sun room/utility room annex, destined for Westmarsh in East Kent.

Cottage update 17/3/17

The Cottage is off to Site! After weeks of hard work from everyone here, we’re very pleased to say that our ongoing project you may have been following has been

Cottage project Update 10/3/17

Carrying on from last week’s post displaying our new project, we’re pleased to show you some more of what goes on in the workshop. Here we can see the side

Cottage Project 3/3/17

We’ve started work on a new frame! Here we can see our guys working hard on our newest project to come into the workshop. This is the production of the

Reams Cottage Second Phase of House Remodel Raise

After months of preparation our lads returned to Reams Cottage to commence the raising of our second phase to the cottage’s ongoing remodel. If you’ve been following the blog or

Reams Cottage update 13/01/17

Happy new year! We’ve returned from our christmas breaks ready to continue our ongoing works. Here you can see further efforts towards our Reams Cottage project. To keep up to

Ready for Christmas

Seasons Greetings! Merry christmas and a happy new year from all us here! We had a few last things to do before we set off for our christmas meal recently,

Project Update: Reams Cottage 16/12/16

Reams Cottage Update: 16/12/16 Roof Section: Last week we were working on producing the roof section of the ongoing Reams Cottage project. To refresh your memory or find out more

Project update: Reams Cottage 18/11/16

Project Update: Reams Cottage. Oak Frame Extension, We’ve recently been delivered the timbers to continue work on our Reams Cottage project, Just as a reminder, so far we have worked

Oak Frame Ceiling

Oak Frame Ceiling This is a short time lapse caught of a few members of our team working on an oak frame ceiling. We were approached by a self builder

Brace Detailing – Double Hammer Beam Update 24/10/16

Brace Detailing – Double Hammer Beam Update 24/10/16 Another update on the ongoing double hammer beam frame. The frame has now been fully constructed in our work shop as seen

Hammer Beam Update 07/10/16

Double Hammer Beam Update: This week we continued work with the ongoing double hammer beam frame project. In the video below you can see our team working on disassembling the