The final part of this fantastic cottage remodeling project now completed

A fabulous project to have been involved in, designed and built by Norton Timber

Following on from the success of the first phase of the remodeling of Reams cottage the clients, Stu and Jo, came back to us to help take the cottage remodeling project to its conclusion, what followed can only be said to be one of the most enjoyable design processes ever (That is according to Mr. Norton) comprising of sitting in the completed phase one frame with large mugs of frothy coffee with Stu and Jo, looking across the courtyard to where the final element of their house was to be built, discussing and drawing various ideas and options, measuring what had been drawn on the ground, then back inside for adjustments to the drawings, coffee and lunch.

The result of all this holistic designing has proved to be the creation of quite an extraordinary building. The brief was to create a full oak framed vaulted first floor open plan master bedroom suite, capitalizing on the views across the open countryside to the rear. We feel this has been more than achieved.  The ground floor was to be open plan, for use as a recreational and entertainment area, the use of substantial floor beam timbers, large curved braces negated the use of internal samson posts thus enabling the space to be unobstructed.

Walking through the front door into the entrance hall where you can see the glazed link frame and first floor bridge connecting to the original cottage, is stunning and is exactly what Stu and Jo were aiming for. Externally the design looks great and ties in beautifully with where the build had got to.

The team at Norton Timber thoroughly enjoyed returning to Reams and creating something very special. We all wish Stu, Jo and the family all the very best in their fabulous new home.

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