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In 2014 Norton timber was approached and asked to look into the feasibility of designing an Oak frame to fit within the silhouette of a new super eco house being built locally. The design was going to have to be a real departure from the traditional Oak frame designs we have become known for, this, owing to the triangular cross section of the building and its height. Following a number of design meetings with the client and architect in which the layout, internal dimensions and visual aspects of the internal construction were discussed we were able to; not only produce the 2D frame design drawings, but we also produce a three dimensional computer model which we were able to present to the clients and show what there frame would look like. The final design does incorporate many of the traditional jointing techniques we use daily, but they have been used in somewhat unusual ways, primarily to enable the building to maintain a feeling of internal space. Most notably the transvers cross frame bracing, internal space having been gained by using external shore bracing on both the ground and first floor. The design also employs huge first floor floor beams which are designed to carry both the first and second floors as the building narrows creating the striking triangular profile. We were delighted to win the contract to build what has been a very interesting and unique frame.